Five Signs it is Time to Say Goodbye to Your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth extraction has become a common procedure in modern dentistry. In the past, we have touched on when you should get your wisdom teeth removed, but we have decided to break down the reasons for removal with a bit more detail.

On average, 10 million wisdom teeth are removed each year from 5 million people. What is troubling about this statistic is that more than 60% of these removals aren’t really necessary.

In general, it is still a good idea to remove your wisdom teeth as a preventative measure. Just because you are not feeling any pain does not mean your teeth won’t get stuck or impacted, which may lead to more serious dental issues.

Signs to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

When is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Needed?

Knowing 60% of extractions are unnecessary, but remembering that these troublesome teeth can cause serious issues makes it difficult to know, “when is it right to remove my wisdom teeth?”

Regular dental appointments are advised for anyone practicing good oral health. Consulting with your doctor and having dental X-rays are a good way to stay informed and figure out when your wisdom teeth may become a problem.

Outside of this, five ways you can tell it may be time for a wisdom teeth extraction procedure, include:

  1. Increase in Cavities:  Swollen gums, that can be a result of impacted wisdom teeth, can create pockets between teeth where bacteria grow and cause cavities.
  2. Sinus Problems: If you are having sinus pain, pressure and congestion and still have your wisdom teeth, they may be your culprit.
  3. Alignment: One of the most obvious and also potentially dangerous issues caused by impacted wisdom teeth is your teeth going out of alignment. This can be costly as it may lead to needing braces, undoing the work of bridges, crowns, dentures or other dental work.
  4. Jaw Damage: Cysts may form around wisdom teeth as they grow in, if left untreated this can damage the nerves in your jaw. Even worse, you may end up needing corrective jaw surgery.
  5. Damage to Other Teeth: Letting wisdom teeth grow in can push your other teeth around causing bite problems.

Is it Time for Your Wisdom Teeth to Be Removed?

If the symptoms above sound familiar, it is time to consult with the Davis Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center in Raleigh to see if you are in need of wisdom tooth removal. Give us a call at our Raleigh office at 919-488-2194 or visit our contact form online to schedule your next appointment.