Bone Grafting – Why Is It Necessary?

Jaw Bone Grafting Raleigh, NCBone grafting is an oral surgical procedure that is often performed to fix problems in the jawbone or joints. After trauma to the mouth, bone grafts can be used to grow new bone tissue in preparation for dental implants. Bone grafting can prevent further bone damage and allows any missing teeth to be replaced.

Most commonly used in preparation for dental implants, bone grafting can also be used in other situations such as adding extra jawbone tissue to provide extra support for dentures. When the bone in the jaw suffers from defects from oral cyst removal, tooth extraction, or gum disease, bone grafting can correct the defects.

Our Raleigh oral surgeons can use the patient’s own bone when performing oral bone grafting. This type of graft is called an autograft or autogenous graft. Bone can be taken from different parts of the mouth, or sometimes from the hip in larger grafts. In the case that bone cannot be taken from the patient, bone may be taken from animals or made from a synthetic material that is similar to natural bone.

After a bone grafting procedure, our oral surgeons will give you instructions for how to care for any after-surgery effects. Keeping the mouth clean is very important for proper healing. Common post-surgery symptoms include soreness, swelling, minor bleeding, and bruising.

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