Why Do I Need a Bone Graft to Get Dental Implants?

If your jaw is too weak to accept dental implants then you will need a bone graft. Bone grafting is a technique that provides enough structure so your dental implants can be held in place. When you lose a tooth, your bone recedes since it no longer has a tooth to support. If you receive a dental implant shortly after you lose your tooth, your chances of needing a bone graft are slim. However, if you lost teeth years ago, your jaw bone will recede to the point that adding a dental implant would be nearly impossible without building up the bone first.

Types of Bone Grafts

Depending on your situation, your oral surgeon will perform one of three levels of bone grafting:

  1. Simple Bone Graft – We start by taking small bone portions from your chin, upper jaw, or third molar region. We can also take bone from a tissue bank or from bovine bone which has been prepared to encourage your own bone growth at the repair area. In addition, we use special membranes to protect the new bone and promote regeneration.
  2. Major Bone Graft – A major bone graft is done to repair jaw defects usually caused by tumor surgery or jaw trauma. This procedure requires the patient’s own bone from either the skull, hip, or lateral knee (depending on how small or large the defected area is). This procedure usually is performed in an OR and required a hospital stay.
  3. Sinus Lift Graft – Dr. Davis will enter the sinus cavity through the upper games, lift the sinus membrane, and insert a donor bone on the sinus floor. A couple of months later, the healed bone becomes part of the patient’s jaw which allows for stable dental implants.

Contact Dr. Davis for your Bone Graft

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