What You Should Know for a Successful Surgical Recovery

If you have ever undergone a surgical procedure, then you know certain factors are necessary for a full and successful recovery.

Post Oral Surgery Pain Relief

Whether your procedure is to treat a maxillofacial injury, dental implants or the removal of wisdom teeth, oral surgery is no different.

The staff at Davis Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center know that any procedure can leave you in discomfort and feeling inconvenienced. Here are some tips we recommend to help you along the recovery process.

Foods to Consume Post Surgery

  • Mashed potatoes – add flavoring like butter, gravy or sour cream for variety
  • Soft ice cream
  • Pudding
  • Oatmeal
  • Milk shakes – avoid using straws, spoon feed instead. Add protein powder for increased nutrition
  • *avoid chewy and hard/crunchy foods like carrots and popcorn – possibly for several weeks post surgery
  • *include foods rich in vitamin A and C to aid recovery

A Few “Do’s”

  • Rest! Take it easy for a few days. Your body will thank you
  • Elevate your head for the first night or so
  • Apply ice to your face in 15-minute intervals to reduce pain and swelling
  • Take medication as prescribed
  • After 24 hours, begin rinsing with warm salt water (1tsp per 8oz). 4 times per day, making sure to remove food particles from the surgical area

A Few “Don’ts”

  • NO strenuous activity. Avoid lifting and bending over
  • Wait until the numbness dissipates to consume hot beverages
  • Don’t brush or floss until advised by your doctor. Be careful with the surgery area
  • No smoking for the first day. Avoid completely if possible
  • Alcohol should not be consumed. Adverse reaction to medication and increased healing time is possible

Monitor Your Progress

It is very important to keep an eye on your post-surgical symptoms. Contact your doctor if you experience any:

  • Issues with the surgical dressing. Make sure it stays in place
  • Note any excessive bleeding or swelling
  • Pain that cannot be controlled with medication
  • Fever or reactions to medicine

Depending on your procedure, you may be given more explicit instructions or general guidelines by your oral surgeon. Be sure to follow their advice and you can be assured a successful and speedy recovery.

Call Dr. Davis

The courteous and professional staff of Davis Oral Surgery are available for any pre & post-surgical questions you may have. Complete the online contact form or call our Raleigh surgical office at 919-488-2194 to speak with someone about your oral surgery questions and needs!