Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Elderly Patients

Elderly Wisdom Teeth Extraction Raleigh, NCMost people believe that as they age that wisdom teeth extractions will be more difficult, more painful, and involve more complications. As long as the individual is in good health and the procedure is performed by an experienced oral surgeon, the risks are minimal and there are actually benefits!

Extracting wisdom teeth can help you avoid complications as just infections, bone loss, or damage to adjacent teeth. Wisdom teeth can be difficult to clean because of their location and the teeth are prone to inflammation leading to decay, gum disease, and infection. When left untreated, wisdom teeth can also cause decay or bone loss to adjacent second molars.

Wisdom teeth rarely remain healthy throughout the life of an individual. If you are over 50 and still have your wisdom teeth, contact Davis Oral Surgery in Raleigh, or call 919-488-2194 to schedule an evaluation and avoid future complications.