What Does An Oral Surgeon Do?

Oral surgeon Raleigh, NCThere are many situations where a visit to an oral surgeon is needed rather than a general dentist. Your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon for certain procedures or you may need to see an oral surgeon for other issues related to the jaw or facial issues that may need a surgical fix. One of the more common procedures where you would want an oral surgeon is wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth can be more complex than a normal tooth extraction since they can be impacted or under the gums. Most visits to an oral surgeon won’t be much different from a visit to the dentist. The look and feel of the office, the chair and surrounding equipment will be similar to what you are used to. Depending on the procedure required, you may be given a local anesthetic or even IV or sleep sedation provided. Discuss with your oral surgeon which form of anesthesia is right for you. Another common procedure where you would want an oral surgeon is for dental implants. If there is not enough bone for a dental implant, a bone graft may have to be done. After this is done, or if the patient has enough bone already, a titanium rod is inserted that serves as the root for the dental implant. When the area around this post heals, a new artificial tooth can be placed to sit on the implanted post. Other areas covered by oral surgeons are jaw surgery, oral pathology, facial trauma, TMJ disorders or other issues that relate to teeth, gums, jaw, or face. If you need an oral surgeon in the Raleigh area, contact Davis Oral Surgery in Raleigh, or call 919-488-2194 to schedule an evaluation.