How to Avoid Tooth Removal Complications

Whether you’re getting your wisdom teeth removed or you’re getting another one of your teeth pulled, there are always risks with any type of oral surgery. To avoid greater complications, it’s vital that you pay attention and follow your oral surgeon’s pre-and-post surgery instructions. However, no matter how careful you are, problems can still develop.

Davis Oral Surgery Avoiding Wisdom Teeth Complications

Typical Complications during Extractions

The biggest risk during a tooth removal procedure is infection. The more teeth involved, the bigger the risk. The healthiest of people have a 10% chance of infection, however, the elderly, children, and those sick or with a weak immune system at the time of their appointment have a 25% chance of obtaining an infection.

A more painful condition than infection is developing a dry socket after getting your teeth removed. Those affected by dry sockets usually have excessive pain, swelling, and unexpected bleeding at the incision site. Although rare, a hole may also develop into a sinus cavity.

How to Avoid Complications

As mentioned previously, the most important step you can take to avoid any complications related to any oral surgery procedure, is to follow your doctor’s instructions for proper preparation and aftercare. Basic aftercare involves being careful not to harm the extraction site, keeping the area clean, and having your stitches removed (if not dissolvable stitches).

For more pre and post-surgery care instructions, click here.

Contact Dr. Davis for Treatment of Extraction Complications

At Davis Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center we understand surgical tooth extractions and we work hard to make sure that our patients have a successful experience with minimal pain and complications. However, if you are experiencing any complications after your oral surgery, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Davis in Raleigh, NC at 919-488-2194. We want to get you taken care of and feeling yourself again!